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Who Is Behind 925 Escape?

925 Escape is currently a very lean operation consisting of myself, Marcus, and a few regular contractors. Ideally in the future the team will expand with several full-time Virtual Assistants to help grow the company further.

About Marcus

I was born in the early 90s into a family with hardworking parents working blue-collar jobs.

They always did everything they could to provide our family with the best possible and I feel very fortunate to have had that growing up.

But it also taught me a lesson that regardless of how hard you work or how good you are at your job, the outcome is always limited.

Because you’re getting paid for your time invest instead of results produced, which is something I knew early on I wanted to figure out how to avoid.

Furthermore, I also knew I had no intentions to work my ass off for someone until I’m 65.

Since at that point, you’ve already lived a majority of your life and you can only just start enjoying it.

I wasn’t sure how I would do it, but I KNEW (I had a burning desire) that I could.

One day I was talking to one of my smartest and hardest working friends, let’s call him Stuart.

Stuart was studying his Master’s degree full-time in France, financing all his living costs and tuition fees himself so I asked him, “How?”.

He told me the most recent year had been very good for him with his side hustle.

Since I had an idea of how much money he’d spend on living and tuition I asked “Exactly how good has this year been?…

You see, Stuart is a very humble guy and he does no brag.

But he continues to, reluctantly, tell me “By the end of this month, I’ll be at just over $50,000 for the year.

I was blown away and speechless.

Then he said to me “You should really look into Affiliate Marketing and learn some basics about internet marketing.

I decided then and there that Affiliate Marketing would be my start in earning money on the side of a job.

Fast forward to now, late 2020, I’ve made over $40,000 as an affiliate myself.

Now that’s taken me a few years to get to, but it’s increasing every year and I’m not slowing down any time soon.

I realized when talking to my friends and family that almost no one I knew had any idea of what Affiliate Marketing even was.

So I created and an accompanying YouTube channel to help others get started.

 There is a lot of misinformation and shady characters in the Affiliate Marketing world, which I hope to change.

If all I achieve is to help one person to the right path, this project has been a success.

So why not bookmark and subscribe to the YouTube channel, so you can get started on the right path yourself.

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