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If you’re brand new, just starting out, this post should hopefully be useful for you.

You’ll learn in detail how I made my first $1000 online as a beginner, which should be help making your first $1000 online a bit easier.

The best part about internet marketing is that it doesn’t discriminate, and anyone can succeed.

All you need are the following three things:

  1. A burning desire to escape your 925
  2. A proven plan to follow
  3. The determination to not give up

That’s it, really.

Now for me personally, I wasn’t really convinced that it would work for me, until I made my first $1000.

That was my 4-minute mile.

What we mean by that is that in the mid 20th century it was a common belief that running a mile in less than 4 minutes was an impossible feat.

Many kept trying, but no one could get past that 4 minute mark.

Then in 1954, Roger Bannister, managed to break that barrier.

Guess what happened after he had proven it was possible? Only two months later someone else was able to do it as well.

Then athlete after athlete did it. But only after their belief that it was impossible had been proven wrong.

I’m here, telling you, that making your first $1000 online, is not as far away or as hard as you think.

Unfortunately the internet is full of misinformation and shady characters looking to take advantage of beginners.

But we assure you that you’re in safe hands and you’ll have complete honest and transparency from us.

So before we start, please be aware that this post contains affiliate marketing links.

Which means if you purchase any offers linked from this post, we get a kickback, without any additional cost to you.

That is what makes websites like this possible, free information but monetized through affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing, which you’ll learn more about below is an awesome business model. It’s also one of the lowest risk ventures you can go for to making your first $1000 online.

But if you’re super keen to learn more right away, you can diver deeper with a great e-book by clicking here.

The Exact Way I Made My First $1000 Online

Making your first $1000 online is SIMPLE, but not easy.

That first $1000 is probably the hardest of all the money you can make because of a few reasons.

Firstly, you’ve never done it before, and you probably don’t know anyone personally that has.

Secondly, you’ve probably already got excuses or reasons as to why you can’t do it or why it doesn’t work.

I was no different to you, and very skeptical about the whole thing, until one thing happened.

Luckily for me I had a friend who made a killing online, and made far more than $1000.

He made over $50,000 in one year, while studying full-time post graduate degree at a prestigious French university.

When I asked him about it he explained what he did, and he said:

“Yeah, it really is that simple. Simple, but it requires a lot of work.”

I was baffled to say the least, but that really abolished any excuses I previously had, and was kinda my “4-minute mile”.

Then and there I decided I would do this internet marketing thing, until I was able to make at least $1000 myself.

Only then would I allow myself to decide if it wasn’t for me.

So let’s break it down to hopefully guide you to making your first $1000 online!

Zero To $1000 With One Method

The one thing I’m glad I did right from the start was focusing one ONE method.

Interestingly, the word FOCUS is also an acronym for: Follow One Course Until Successful.

The method I had chosen was Affiliate Marketing with YouTube as a traffic source.

However, since I started in 2018, the amount of people using YouTube has grown a lot.

Which is great news to you, because if you’ve thought of YouTube yourself, the opportunities there are endless.

I decided that my approach would be because I knew that the potential there was insane.

Creating videos in the form of tutorials, how to’s, walkthroughs, and reviews/comparisons.

Now here’s the thing, to become ggood at something, you’ve got to be bad at it first, and boy were my initial videos bad…

But that’s okay, because it’s part of the process, and a crucial step for anyone making your first $1000 online.

Because guess what, those poorly made videos, still landed me commission on the regular!

Furthermore, not only did I land regular commissions, but also recurring commissions, which means passive income.

Then on top of that, high ticket commissionss, which means commissions that range from the low hundreds to mid thousands!

Picking My Niche & Offer

Because I had done a fair bit of research before I started I had a few requirements for the niche I would pick.

The two main requirements was that there had to be a lot of offers that were recurring and/or high ticket.

Simply because that significantly increases your earnings potential.

Now, I already had an interest in marketing and sales.

Things like building sales funnels and creating email marketing campaigns I figured why not start there.

A vast majority of the subscription-based software companies that operate in that space, all have affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions. Further, some of them also have high ticket offers.

Here are some of my favorites to promote as an affiliate:

  • Clickfunnels – Offers recurring and high ticket products with lifetime commissions
  • GrooveFunnels – Freemium with a high ticket offer for lifetime upgrade
  • ActiveCampaign – Offers recurring lifetime commissions
  • ConvertKit – Free plan with recurring lifetime commissions on any upgrades

And another one that is amazing but not a software product, is Legendary Marketer.

They’re an educational company for people wanting to learn internet marketing to make money online, and their content is top-notch.

I would strongly recommend that you check them out, and you can click here to go to their website.

Out of those, the one that I focused on in the beginning was Clickfunnels.

Furthermore, Clickfunnels as a company still offers a great opportunity for affiliates hoping to be making your first $1000 online.

On top of that, they also have extensive FREE training for their affiliates that is excellent for beginners. You can check out their training called Affiliate BootCamp here.

Creating, Editing, & Uploading Videos

In all sincerity, YouTube presents the best chance for making your first $1000 online as a beginner.

Especially if you combine it with TikTok, and use TikTok to drive viewers and subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Nonetheless, I had now picked my niche and company to focus on at first, and it was time to start creating, editing, and uploading videos.

To do that, you first have to familiarize yourself with the software or product that you’re going to be promoting.

Because that way, the videos will be better, it’s that simple.

But you’ll also give a more sincere impression that if you look like you’ve got no idea what you’re doing.

Which are both things that is going to improve your results.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to do some quick research…

Keyword and Search Phrase Research

This part is very simple but also very important.

The topics and titles you pick for your videos is going to play a huge role in how well your videos do.

So I want to introduce you to two free tools that you can use for your research, which are and TubeBuddy. is a simple keyword research tool that allows you to find any search phrases involving your chosen keyword.


TubeBuddy on the other hand has a bit more features and is a YouTube specific tool.

There’s too much to explain in this post, but you’ll get awesome suggestions for headlines, tags, and more.

But more importantly you get a rough idea of the search volume and competition for the phrases you type in.

image of stats from tubebuddy explorer to make $1000 online

You can check out TubeBuddy by clicking here, again, it’s free but with premium plans.

If you decide to upgrade at any point, you can save 20% for the lifetime of your membership using “FunnelSecretsBuddy” as a coupon code!

You just have to use these toolss and get creative, and figure out keywords and search phrases that have low competition.

However, often this means much lower search volume, but that’s OK because at least you have a chance to rank for them.