Passive Income VS Active Income (All You Need To Know)

What are the differences between Passive Income VS Active Income? Is there even such a thing as truly passive income, or is all income active income?

But more importantly, how can you start earning passive income just like I do?

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The concept of passive income is something everyone wants to achieve. Because who doesn’t like the idea of being able to make money without doing anything? However, the internet is full of bullshit and get-rich-quick schemes with empty promises.

Here’s something that I always say to people who ask about passive income…

“Nothing can be truly passive, but you can create passivity from activity.”

– Marcus Haerdin, Internet Marketer & Founder of

In a nutshell, this means that in the passive income vs active income discussion, passive income is active income…

Now I know that sounds strange, but let me explain. Because passive income will come as a result of some form of activity.

In this post, you’ll learn about one of the best ways to earn passive income.

Passive Income From Content Creation

One of my first internet marketing mentors said something that has always stuck with me.

“Every piece of content that you create is a piece of digital real estate that’ll keep working for you 24/7”

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This is a great example of how you have to spend time and effort to create content pieces. But in return, over time, and without extra effort, that piece of content will work for you. Your content pieces can be things such as:

  • Videos on YouTube
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media
  • Pinterest boards
  • and so forth

The saying goes “Content Is King” and it’s as true as a statement can get. Because if all you do is create content consistently, you’ll see a snowball effect.

It might be slow in the beginning, but the more you create, the more digital real estate you acculumate.

Another thing to remember is that creating content doesn’t cost you any money. So any revenue generated, will be 100% profit…

Content Creation Passive Income Example

Let’s say you create YouTube videos as a way of driving traffic to affiliate offers. All you need to do is create videos, and place your affiliate links in the description.

If every video you create, gets an average of just 10 views per month (yes that’s very few views).

If you create 2 videos per week, that’s 104 videos in one year.

So 104 videos with 10 views each per month times 12 months equal 12,480 views per year.

But the thing with YouTube is that when you start getting views you’ll get more and more. Because their algorithm will see you as relevant to the niche (keywords) you’re creating content for.

So you’ll probably double, if not triple that total view number EASILY.

One of my YouTube channels gets on average 3500 views per month without much work…

Now if 10% of viewers click your affiliate link that’s 1248 clicks. If the offer you’re sending them to converts at 10% you’ve generated 124 sales.

Let’s say you’re smart enough to promote a high ticket offer at $1,997 with a 40% commission. Because you’d rather get paid in hundreds than in the cents right?

That means, 124 sales of a $1,997 product with 40% commission, has generated you $99,051.2.


BUT the best part? You now have 104 pieces of digital real estate, that’ll keep working for you REGARDLESS of what you do…

Even better is that if you keep creating, your results with exponentially increase.
That is my friend exactly why Content Is King how it can earn you passive income.

Passive Income VS Active Income, The Truth…

So what’s the difference between passive income vs active income? We’ll as mentioned above, you can only generate passive income from doing something.

Which inherently makes all passive income, active income.

What this means for you is this. You can definitely earn passive income, but it will need you to put the effort in.

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